Amy Egan, Texas’ Parenting Coach

Parenting Coach and Workshop Leader Amy Egan is helping parents reconnect with their kids through teaching simple to learn techniques that when implemented make dramatic improvements in parent-child relationships.

After a successful career as a flight attendant with Delta Airlines, she discovered the Love and Logic® Institute on parenting and became a trained facilitator of their programs in 2006. Amy now has added Life Coach to her repertoire, and along with her university degree in Speech Pathology, is uniquely qualified to help parents who may be struggling to understand where their children "are coming from" and feeling frustrated by not knowing what to do or how to help them.

Amy combines her knowledge of the Love and Logic® parenting program, the How to Talk So Kids Will Listen style, her own experiences with having two children, and her life coach training to assist parents in becoming the best parents they can be.

Amy's Values
I believe that children are happiest and most secure when raised with consistent, firm and loving boundaries. Through my coach training and experience raising my own children, I know that allowing kids to struggle, fail, pick themselves up and make retribution for their mistakes while having the support of loving, empathetic parents, greatly increases the likelihood they'll grow into strong, confident and responsible adults.